Road to Gold in the Newzz

10.07.2013 – KO Digest – The Sweet Side of the Sweet Science – Women’s Boxing Monthly Vol. 8
7.08.2013 – CD News  – Arcaro Boxing Gym to Open at the Jefferson Apartments
5.19.13 – USA Boxing – Team USA Takes Home Eight Gold Medals
5.9.13 – Capitol Hill Times – Jen Hamann: Capitol Hill athlete heading towards Olympic Gold
4.8.13 – Central District News – Queen Underwood and Jen Hamann Win National Boxing Gold
3.14.13 – Girlboxing – Jen Hamann’s “Road to Gold”
2.7.13 – The Big-Brained Superheroes Club – Big-Brained Superheroes vs. Negativity
2.6.13 – KBCS 91.3 – Women and Girls in Sports Day – Interview with Jen Hamann and Tricia Turton
10.11.12 – Capitol Hill Times – Beautiful and brutal: The Central District boxing revival
10.8.12 – Central District News – 2012 Central District Boxing Revival showcases local talent
7.6.12 – Seattle Times – Northwest wanderings: Zen and the art of landing a punch

What More?

Follow Jen on Facebook athlete page for more up-to-date info: Jen Hamann – Boxer

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