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  1. Kristie and Mark Ewig · · Reply

    The Ewig family is in your corner on your quest for gold in the next Olympics!

  2. Kathryn Lysaght · · Reply

    So are the Lysaght’s Jenn. Good luck!

  3. LaNiqua Bell · · Reply

    I am the AmeriCorps College and Career Coach, for the College Success Foundation, serving at Washington Middle School. I am hosting an afterschool program, Shades of Success where the girls meet to address Identity and Self-Esteem, Education and Career Readiness, Health and Wellness, Integrity and Leadership. The goal of the program is to encourage the girls to invest in self by pursuing post secondary education and to intoduce them to professional women.

    On June 7th we are closing the program with a retreat at Camp Long (West Seattle) where we are going over topics that we did not cover or the girls wanted to dig deeper in. Boxing and Self Defense was a topic that girls really were interested in but we were not able to cover. If your schedule permits, would you be interested in volunteering their time to do a lesson with [30] 8th grade girls?

    Thank you for your time, I appreciate your time and consideration of this request.


    LaNiqua Bell
    College and Career Coach
    College Success Foundation–AmeriCorps

    Serving at: Washington Middle School

    “….[We may not] change the world, but I guarantee that [we] will spark the brain that does”….
    – Tupac Shakur

    1. LaNiqua,

      Hey, I’m so sorry I’m just seeing your message right now. I would have loved to help with your group at Washington Middle School. There have been lots of changes in my boxing career recently and I need to update everyone with a new blog post. I hope your event went well and please think of me again in the future. You can email me directly at:



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