1 Month Challenge: The Final Stretch to USA Nationals


The Road to Gold is misleading. Sometimes, like now, when I have one month of two-a-day training sessions and a very restrictive diet to make weight for USA Nationals, the road seems more like:

The Road Through H*&%
The Long and Winding Road
The Snow Blizzard Trail in Flip Flops
What Road?

Ya, Ya, boxers like to complain and obsess over making weight. One one side, it’s a big deal. If I step on the scale one single ounce over 125 lb. come April 1st, I won’t even get to step in the ring. One the other side, the time and energy it takes into organizing, planning, and obsessing (and complaining a lot) about your diet can be a good distraction to the pressures of training and the upcoming competition. 

This is where I need some help. I love chocolate. I love to come home after a workout at 9pm, grab a beer, make some burgers, savor those delicious tater tots…etc. etc. YOU know what I mean. So for one month, I’m setting some rules. I’ll be honest if I meet the goals for each day. I’ll be honest when it sucks, when I cheat, but most importantly, how accomplished I feel at the end of the day. It’s no secret to any athlete that has to make weight when you are already in good shape – this part sucks.  But the physical rules, though they work to cut the weight, also make you mentally stronger. By the time I get in the ring, I’m going to want to BAM BAM! that much harder because of what I had to sacrifice to get there. 

March 1st Rules: 

-No processed foods
-No food after 7pm
-drink more water
-keep a regular sleep schedule
-Need More Guidelines? Check out this article from the Huffington Post about Olympic Athlete’s and their diets. 

*BEWARE: Please refer to the graph indicating the potential inverse relationship between sassiness level and making weight. 

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