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Women’s Boxing: Jen Hamann’s “road to gold”

Originally posted on Girlboxing:
Women’s Boxing: Jen Hamann’s “Road to Gold”  The 2012 London Olympic Games which featured the introduction of women’s boxing has come and gone. The distinctive honor of having participated as one of the first thirty-six women to compete is also certainly singular. But that has not diminished the hopes and dreams…

Sompin Stanks!

Good way to air our these bio hazards!

Does It Matter How You Play the Game?

My dad sent me this article last week and I am just now reading it. He’s nudged me twice now to look at it asking for my opinion and I suspect, peering over my shoulder making sure I keep my head on straight no what happens.  Take a look: “Does ‘How You Play the Game’ […]

Azteca Bag Work

Tricia got a little video shot at Azteca tonight. Check out those Seahawks shorts, Seattle represent! That smiley face on the bag is pissing me off :)

The Adventures of Moose and Kid Skittles

On the regular, you can find me at any time during the day, in need of a shower, in between workouts, toting three specific bags: a gym bag full of boxing gear and workout clothes, a book bag full of text books, a million different flavors of gum, and tons of straws ( why not […]

Tough Days

Tough Days. Word.

1 Month Challenge: The Final Stretch to USA Nationals

The Road to Gold is misleading. Sometimes, like now, when I have one month of two-a-day training sessions and a very restrictive diet to make weight for USA Nationals, the road seems more like: The Road Through H*&%The Long and Winding RoadThe Snow Blizzard Trail in Flip FlopsWhat Road? Ya, Ya, boxers like to complain […]