Monthly Archives: January 2013

From Books to Boxing

This one is for my academic minded friends – my personal statement for graduate school, in a three-part blog installment. When school gets you down, find a way to connect it to your body. It changes everything…. From Books to Boxing The day I landed my first clean left hook in the ring woke me […]

A Scientific Graph of Attitudinal Proportions

It took me a long time but I’ve connected the dots from the days of my sassy, rebellious, and stubborn personality in childhood to my adult self today.  Based on my scientific study (remember, I was a philosophy major – have mercy on my calculations), it has been determined that everyone has a baseline level of sassiness. […]

Working the streets

Working the streets to raise $$ for the Oregon Golden Gloves! Moose needs to earn his keep too…

The “In-Box”

I get a lot of questions about boxing, training, and women’s combat sports. I also get questions about my favorite candy Sour Skittles, my puppy Moose, and what I do outside of boxing. Have a question you’ve always wanted to know about the sport? Have a question about anything in general? Take a gander at […]

Sleepy Puppy

Watching the Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah – sad to see sports heroes breaking to the pressure of doping :( Moose is rolling his eyes at it all…..

A Little Torque

Loogie spitting practice – really using those abs to give it a little torque. Get out of my sinuses!

Revealing Too Much

It’s surprising how many people want to give you unsolicited advice when you put yourself out there, reaching for a seemingly impossible goal. I know I’ve talked about it before but I’ll say it again, since this week was such a fitting example. The Olympics are about national pride, community, Cinderella stories, athletic and personal […]

A Little Bam Bam

  *A little bam bam from Saturday night home town match*

Kid Skittles

Oops. Sort of.

Yesterday I made a comment on my personal Facebook account out of disgust and frustration – and I’m battling with whether I want to take it back or not… A part of me is mortified by how stupid I look publicly displaying my dirty laundry. But another part of me is happy that I finally stopped […]