Monthly Archives: December 2012

Boxer =

Boxer: does NOT = a gender, ethnicity, socio-economic class, educational background, personality.  Boxer: does = someone who has become more of the real person that they have always been; someone who has found a medium to express themselves, not pretending to be someone else.  I get my hair braided for fights because I like they […]

Boxing and Buddhism

I’ve studied Buddhism a bit in college and am looking to take studies in Existentialism further in graduate school next year. Until then, I want to explore the connection between Boxing and Buddhism and Boxing and Existentialism here – in this no man’s space.  My mind is always going, and thinking about the principles of Buddhism helps to calm my mind […]

Frozen Peas

I’m terrible about icing…and ironically I get really pissed when my injuries don’t go away. Take a step back and look at your patterns. Really look at them. I start blaming other people, my shoes, the weather, my body and on and on when I have pesky injuries that won’t go away. Until recently, with my running coach reminding […]

The Beautiful Game

Last week I was lucky to make it home in time to play in my high school soccer alumni scrimmage. Throw back! I hadn’t played in years because of boxing, but like most skills you work at, it’s like riding a bike – the basics come back pretty quickly. What surprised me the most was […]

Arcaro Boxing

My recent Discomfort training has helped me to make the decision to leave my home gym. It’s hard to leave something you’ve known your whole boxing life. Cappy’s gym has been my home for over three years. They play familiar music, you work out with familiar faces, the bathroom soap even smells like home. I […]

Elementary School-ed Presentation

1st graders are smarter than you think. Sure, they are just learning to read, but something about their intuitive energy, their big staring eyes, their ability to read body language that adults seem to lose with age – it’s like a giant flood light on a dark stage. On Friday, I spoke to a number […]

Colorado Sparring Trip

On Thursday, Coach Tricia and I headed to our home state of Colorado for a sparring trip. It feels good to go back home, to remember where you came from and what helped mold your present self. Driving along the front range, as opposed to the closed city blocks of Seattle, reminds me of the […]

Back on Track

Just when I thought things were going to crumble, my community started popping up with support. Within a matter of weeks, my coach and I have put together an energetic team of community members, gym members, business owners and passionate boxing fans to give me time and energy to do my role – to box, […]