Monthly Archives: November 2012

Things are Changing

Change is hard. I like to think that I’m pretty good with adjusting to change, going with the flow, and finding my way through obstacles. But sometimes, change just cuts you to the bones, tests your every nerve, and makes you realize what you have attachements to…especially when promises and expectations are broken. This summer, […]

Should I Be Doing This?

Sometimes I feel like I’m not allowed to box. By who? No one in particular. Sometimes my parents don’t like it, but that’s a given. Sometimes I feel like I’m not allowed to box because of my gender. I imagine people saying – what does she need to prove? Why is she so angry? Sometimes […]

It’s Scary

What if I can’t do it? What I don’t win? What if I stop getting better? Will this all be worth it? Will I let everyone down? To accomplish something BIG, you have to set yourself up BIG. But this also means there is the potential for a BIG crash. I wonder how other athletes handle not […]

The Ribbon Drill

There are times in between workouts, after long meetings or on the road where I just want to zone out, turn off boxing and sink into nothingness. Some drills, though tedious, are simply done to keep your mind engaged, helping you to tune out the distractions. When traveling for sparring or events, I do the […]

Welcome to Your Personal Match

It’s hard to take on conflicts, especially with other people. They when they are muddied with emotions, reactions, baggage, and history.  This is one of those posts where boxing solves everything. You don’t have to be a boxer to let boxing solve things for you. You just have to be open to the analogy. Think […]

Waking Up Fatigue

Fatigue creeps into our routines, our work, our responsibilities and even our Dreams – dreams that we promised ourselves we would never get tired of working towards. Fatigue can be physical or emotional, or both.  Recently, I’ve had to learn how to push through mental fatigue with Waking Up drills. These are visualizations that send […]

You Made Me Lose

Identifying blame in the ring is a drill that I’m finally beginning to find some success with. It’s easy to see when we blame others for things, but it’s difficult to separate ourselves from the action or situation that caused us to react in the first place.  Why is this so hard? Because Blame sneaks […]

Skipping Steps

One thing I struggle with in my training is the urge to skip steps. I can see it clearly now, both in my everyday life and in boxing. I feel eager to push past the easy steps to quickly get to the results, the solution, the win at the end. When I’m ready to move […]

My November Escape

La Conner, Day 1: It’s cold outside, especially by the water, but the breeze wakes up my sleepy face and I feel alive. I’ve had a sleepy face and mind for awhile now and the long walk around town feels good on my feet, in my body, on my face and in my mind. The […]

Well Oiled Machine

It’s interesting how simple Boxing Practice that turns into Road to Gold Training is like sucking all of the sour out of a sour patch kid and leaving you with the gummy semi-sweet bi-product that no one wants and no one can relate to. The love for Boxing has turned into robotic, emotionless, any-one-can-do-it who […]