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Seattle Halloween

I love my city, happy Halloween ya’ll!

Appreciation in Your Body

I’ve been practicing appreciation. It’s something that I must remind myself of when training gets tough, when I feel like I’m alone in this journey, and when I’ve sacrificed time with friends and family for heavy bag time or even Alone Time. I find myself saying all the time that I appreciate things and people. […]

Things That Make Me Angry

List Time: Things That Make Me Down Right Angry Runners in the boxing ring Pink boxing gloves Dog peeing on the floor Being told how I feel about something When I think someone is criticizing me Being told that I can’t do something Busy-work homework Not being trusted Going a whole day without chocolate Guys […]

Viva Boxing

Today I came across one of the best pieces of sports journalism I’ve ever read: Viva Morales by Kelsey McCarson from the online boxing news website, The Sweet Science. Ms. McCarson doesn’t write about an inspiring upset or a captivating performance – the kind of journalism that typically gets recognition. Her article is just the […]

Reaching for More

Today I was asked to think about Reach. In boxing there is the obvious connection with the length of our arm and the stretch of our torso that creates our reach against our opponent – considered an advantage to have a longer reach as it’s difficult for someone to get inside, or counter punch against […]

Alone Time

Recently I’ve felt like an introvert being pushed to the center of a stage under an interrogating spotlight and asked to perform a monologue that I don’t know the words for. I know that some of this feeling is self-inflicted. I feel pressure to “correct” at practice everyday, to be the best at every drill. I get embarrassed when […]

Cow-Dog-Moose Training

Let me introduce Moose. He is a dog, that looks like a cow, whose name is Moose. He is also in training – potty training that is. What does this have to do with boxing? Training a puppy to go to the bathroom outside and not chew any last precious valuables that he hasn’t already destroyed is […]

From Golden Paddles to Golden Gloves?

Most people use cross-training to strengthen other parts of their bodies that they under-use in their main sport. Lifting weights, running, swimming, climbing stairs…these are pretty common and useful cross-training movements to give your body breaks in some areas while strengthening others. When I got back from the PAL tournament, my coaches and I knew I needed […]

Don’t Correct

“Don’t Correct” is a phrase I hear in the gym all the time. My coaches identify a move or a punch that I do, break down why it’s not efficient, and suggest a visual that will eventually change it. For example, when I first started boxing, I couldn’t keep my hands up. I was used […]

The Rebel

It the whirlwind of training, it’s good to stop and remember why you love boxing and why you’ve dedicated your life to living a Boxer’s Lifestyle. I’m going to pull a Jack Kerouac and let my words / hands fly- as we all should sometimes. I love boxing because in some way, it lets me […]

The After After Party

Sometimes the hardest part about boxing, about building up to any big event is the After Party. Errr I mean after the After Party.  Following my last fight at PAL, my coach set up a sparring session the next morning to take advantage of getting work with other boxers across the country. It was hard […]

Respect Those That Pave the Way

At PAL I stole a photo shot with 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist middleweight Claressa Shields. She has no idea who I am, but she, along with professional boxer Melissa “The Hurricane” Hernandez are my boxing icons. Claressa’s boxing style is simple, but incredibly intense. You can see in her eyes that she wants to hunt you down. […]

Up Against Giants

My goal for my first major boxing tournament was to fight a Giant – a 125 lb. Boxing Giant that has respect, experience and titles under her belt. Though my coaches said this wouldn’t be a test, just an experience to, as they say, “go someplace”, I flat-out just wanted to win.  Tiara Brown is […]

The Blurrr

The night after my fight in Seattle, I took a red-eye flight to Ohio for the National Police Athletic League ranking tournament for amateur boxing.  Sometimes when I travel, especially for long periods of time, my eyes can glaze over and I can just barely manage to go through the motions. All I wanted after […]

2012 Central District Boxing Revival

Day of the Fight…. waiting…. waiting…. Weigh-Ins are a tease of excitement…then more waiting.  The anticipation is the worst part of boxing, I feel like the warm up lasts for hours. My secret, my superstition, my little bit of control of the situation: coffee and sour Skittles. I visualize them powering up every muscle in […]

Calm Before the Storm

The day before a big fight is always uncomfortable and unsettling. I look for things to obsess over to keep my mind from wandering, doubting.  I check my weight twenty times and get cranky about feeling hungry. I go to the gym, a place of comfort and familiarity to orient myself with boxing and the […]

Fittin’ the Profile

We play roles everyday. At work we might play the boss, at home the kid, at school the athlete or the math wiz. There are roles that we are born into and roles that are placed upon us. Sometimes, it’s easy to think that because you grew up a certain way, you have a range […]

The Revival

As my gym, coaches, clients and teammates prepare for the Central District Boxing Revival (CDBR) this Saturday at Garfield Community Center, I am reminded of the reasons why we put on this event each year. Firstly, boxing is about community. Historically, boxers have represented the hopes, dreams and struggles of community members. Today though, times […]

News to Me

The more I talk to people about boxing, the more I am reminded of the things that surprised me when I first started training.  Here’s a little laundry list. Some were things I didn’t know myself, others were questions I’ve been asked throughout the years. I’ll let you try to guess which ones are which: […]

Passion Punches

I scoffed at astrology the first time I read my Sagittarius sign in the back of a newspaper as a kid.  The very idea of understanding your actions, fate, or relationships on the supposed alignment of some stars is ludicrous.  And, as the daughter of an analytic philosopher and active contributor to family dinner philosophical […]